Friday, October 21, 2016

Lessons Learned from JDE Intern Lauren

These past two months, I’ve gotten to tag along with Holly and play “wedding coordinator assistant” at my very first #jdeweddings! It was definitely a whirlwind of different emotions- nervous, excited, anxious and completely in love! Here’s what I learned:

Holly has one of the most stressful jobs ever: I’m not kidding- google it! Seeing the way she handled her timeline, certain unexpected situations (like Hurricane Matthew requiring we use our rain plan!) and interacting with the couple and other wedding vendors really impressed me. Maybe I’m a little biased, but she works incredibly hard and is SO good at what she does. I admire her for that!

You’re more than just a planner: At each wedding, I was more than just the “assistant wedding coordinator.” I was the champagne-pourer, the oyster-shell-arranger, the milk-carton-finder (for some of the littlest wedding guests) and a voice for Holly whenever someone had a question or concern.

You will be out of your comfort zone: Had I ever popped champagne bottles before? Heck no! Both weddings were filled with “firsts” that caused me to be a little out of my comfort zone but that was okay! Despite being so nervous, I learned some new skills and gained experience that’ll help me as I continue in this industry.

You’ve got to be confident!: At my first wedding, I felt a little like a lost puppy while pouring champagne or answering questions. My response was often “Let me check with/find/get Holly!” By the second wedding, I felt more confident and comfortable. I tried my best to stay calm, get an answer to a question promptly (and write the requestor’s name down so I could find them later) and double check with Holly when I needed to. I learned that no matter the situation, you’ve got to show that you’re calm and confident.

You do you: Working alongside Holly on wedding days has taught me a lot about myself. Even though I felt nervous, anxious and overwhelmed, there was nothing I couldn’t handle (either by myself or with some help!). Also, it’s okay to be your (overly organized, helpful) self! For me, this meant writing literally every single question, comment or note I heard down so I would refer to it later and asking “Is there anything I can help with?” a million times over. These experiences have helped me develop my problem-solving skills, enhance my organization and multi-tasking and become more sure of myself.

I have loved every single nerve-wracking, exciting and “aww-” inducing moment of wedding coordination. I cannot wait to use all that I’ve learned during my time with Holly as I begin a new adventure!  I am so thrilled to be putting my social media skills to good use at an internship with Misty Prewitt of Misty Saves the Day.  I have also accepted my first job in the wedding industry as an assistant event manager at a local wedding venue!  I cannot wait to continue being a part of couples’ “best day ever!”

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