Friday, August 5, 2016

Introducing the JDE Team: Owner & Lead Coordinator Holly

Happy Friday friends!  Welp....I made everyone else talk about themselves a little bit, so I guess now it's my turn to introduce myself!

I'm the owner and lead coordinator for Just Dandy Events.  I currently work a full time job as well, but weddings are definitely where my heart lies.  I share my life with my adorable boyfriend & best friend of almost 7 years, Wes and our super sweet black lab, Wyatt.  When I'm not coordinating weddings or putting together styled shoots, I can usually be found touring wineries with the girls, hunting with Wes, or playing with Wyatt.

What made you want to work in the wedding industry?
I have always loved weddings of all shapes, sizes, and styles!  I get the biggest rush from watching all the beautiful, thought out details and the heart of the couple come together to create their "best day ever".

What's your favorite part of a wedding day?
The speeches!  I know most people tear up through the father/daughter and mother/son dances.  But for me, I get all sorts of emotional listening to the maid of honor and best man talk about their friendship with the couple.  Hearing about the love they have for their friend and the support they give to the bride & groom gets me misty-eyed every time.

What's your favorite nail polish color?
How about a top 3 since I could never pick just one?
Plumberry, Mint Candy Apple, and Bahama Mama....all by Essie

Dog or Cat?
I love all animales.  That being said, my dog is the most perfect creature on the planet.  So I'm a little biased towards dogs.  Love you sweet boy!

Favorite go-to snack at the end of a long day?
Cheese & crackers and a big glass of way to wind down from a crazy day.

Beach or Pool?
I love the sounds at the beach.  I could listen to the waves all day.  But I would choose the pool 100% of the time.  I don't like sand.

Favorite song to roll down the windows and jam out to?
All the things!  Currently, I'm loving anything by Old Dominion and Daya.  But I will honestlu sing along to anything on the radio happily!  My ipod is a crazy mix of country, rap, and metal.  I mean it when I say I listen to everything.

One random fact people may not know about you:
I spent a few years in high school secretly considering the idea of becoming an architect.  I have a serious infatuation with beautiful buildings and bridges and thought for a long time that I'd like to design them.  Turns out, I can appreciate that beauty without having to create it....thank goodness.

Thanks to Elizabeth Henson Photos for our awesome team headshots!

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