Thursday, July 28, 2016

Planning a Kid-Friendly Wedding

Congratulations!  You've planned your dream wedding and invited everyone that's important to you, including the children of all your friends and family that you can't imagine not including in your big day!  But now you're starting to stress what the children will do.  Will they have fun?  Will they be bored and get rowdy?  Will they like any of the exciting {and expensive} food you plan to serve your guests?  Will their parents be too busy being mom and dad to really enjoy themselves and dance with you?
Great news: You can include children in your wedding day in a way that will keep them happy and entertained, without sacrificing the glamorous plans you have for the adults.  And here's how!
Keep Them Entertained
One way to win over the kids {and make sure the parents enjoy themselves} is to recruit someone to entertain them during the ceremony and/or reception.  Pick a space to designate as the "kids' room" and fill it with a babysitter and activities such as movies, coloring, puzzles, board games.  This gives the kids a place to make new friends with the other younger guests, while the parents get to really break it down on the dance floor!
Provide Activities
Keep younger guests occupied during cocktail hour and during the reception "down time" with activities specifically for them.  Coloring pages and crayons are a great option {bonus points for using your engagement pictures to create the pages!} and stickers can be fun, too.  Bubbles are fun for kids of all ages, but make sure to check with your venue to find out if they are allowed.  And don't forget dancing - even the littlest guests will have a great time out on the dance floor! 
Fun-Filled Favors
If you're offering more "adult" type favors at your wedding, such as succulents or mini champagne bottles, consider providing younger guests with something they'll enjoy!  Options include decorated cookies, personalized M&M's, and sunglasses.  Caution: Don't be surprised if adults ask for them too!
 Kid-Friendly Fare
Let's face it, not every kid is going to love salmon, filet mignon, or other typical wedding food.  Consider asking your venue if they offer kids' meals as an alternative.  These meals typically cost less, meaning you save money on food and the kids get to eay pizza or chicken fingers.  It's a win-win!
Drink Me
Since underage guests aren't able to enjoy the bar, considering asking your venue to offer an assortment of sodas, juices, or other non-alcoholic treats like Shirley Temples!
Offering an assortment of desserts, such as a candy bar, dessert bar, or ice cream sundaes is a guaranteed way to satisfy all of your guests, but especially the younger ones!  It provides a great alternative for younger palates, especially if your cake flavors are particularly unique {think: apricot, raspberry, lavender}.
 Whatever you decide to do, don't eliminate children from your guest list just because you think they'll be bored and won't eat the food you pay for.  Making a couple of teeny adjustments and planning ahead really could make a huge difference for your underage guests!

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