Monday, February 15, 2016

Vendor Spotlight: Ro & Co Designs

Hey there friends!  I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day weekend!  Who got engaged?!  I'm a huge sap for engagement stories, so if you want to gush to someone, I'm your girl!
Ok back to business.  What better way to start off this week than to share a vendor spotlight with ya'll?!  I'm so happy to introduce you to Rosalie of Ro & Co Designs. You might recognize her name because I say it quite a bit around here.  She is a 2015 JDE Bride and she also did all of JDE's rebranding. I basically hit the bride jackpot when she booked with me.  Not only do I absolutely adore her as a person and friend, but I respect her so much as a fellow vendor.  Read on to learn more about Rosalie's company!

Tell us about Ro & Co Designs!
Ro & Co Designs is a boutique brand and stationery design business founded by me, Ro! I specialize in creative event & business branding, custom wedding stationery, and all things paper goods! When it comes to weddings, the invitation sets the stage for the big day and I just love working with couples to create a look that is original, timeless, and uniquely them. I love working alongside my longtime love and husband, Troy, who handles the business side of things... as well as my four legged soul mate, Reggie, who keeps me focused with his rhythmic snores while soaking up the sun next to my desk. Together we are Ro & Co!

How long have you been operating?  What made you go into graphic design?
I've been operating as Ro & Co Designs for about a year, but I've been designing for many! For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed art and had a love for making things look pretty... in fact, I was that student who couldn't pay attention to anything in school aside from the doodles and designs in my notebook. When I went off to college, I decided to follow my heart by studying art and design with a concentration in graphic design. I've been taking on freelance projects ever since but it wasn't until I got engaged in December 2014, and obsessed over every design aspect, that I found my passion for this particular industry. That's when I decided to turn my passion into something more.

How would you describe your design style?
My design style can be described as finding the beauty of simplicity and adding a touch of whimsy. Inspired by romantic fonts, natural elements, and soft pops of color, I truly believe less is more and that's where the essence of my style can be found in every piece of my work.
What's the most memorable event you’ve ever contributed to?
Of course I would have to say my own wedding! Those are the memories that inspired me to do what I do and being able to add that extra bit of joy to an already beautiful time in someone's life makes me so proud.

What are your top 3 tips for couples choosing a designer for their wedding stationery?
- Opt for a custom design. The invitation is the first glimpse into your wedding day that your guests will see. You want it to match not only your wedding theme, but also to reflect you as a couple and showcase your personality! By choosing a custom design, you can cohesively weave your look throughout every aspect of your day... Plus, it will be unique to you and only you!
- Relationship. You want your designs to accurately reflect your personality so you will want someone who is going to invest their time in getting to know you.  Building a relationship with your designer is crucial in order to curate a design that "fits". All of the details like how you met, what you like to do together, if you have pets, children, favorite music, etc. - they all inspire the designer to turn your love story into something visual!
- Communication. Of course you should go with a designer that has the style you are looking for, but clear communication is the biggest thing in the process. Make sure your designer is open to your input... and it is OK if you don't necessarily have a clear vision of what you want, that's why you chose a designer after all! But if you can describe what you are looking for, be specific! As long as your communication is clear, the design process is so much fun and the results will be everything you've dreamed of... it's a win win!


What has been your proudest moment as a small business owner?
One of my very favorite things is hearing how my designs helped make an event so much more special. And even more than that, getting referrals from past clients! It really is the best feeling in the world... proud would be an understatement. This adventure has been incredibly self-fulfilling and I feel humbled and more even more inspired than I ever thought possible.
What’s your biggest goal?
My biggest goal is to grow my passion into a full time family business. I know it will take many years to get to that point, but I'm still young... I am confident it'll happen one day. But until then, I'm focused on working harder, facing new challenges, meeting and working with new people, and delivering quality designs and paper goods :)

What kind of future do you see for Ro & Co Designs?
2016 is going to be a big year for us! I'm currently working on my website launch and I've got some big ideas to implement over the next few months! I don't want to give away too much... just stay tuned!
Thank you so much for sharing Rosalie!!  Everyone be sure to follow Ro & Co Designs to see what big things she's got in store!

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