Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Update: #ourboywyatt

Remember that 11 pound puppy we brought home back in February???  Yeah well, he’s now an 85 pound lap dog.  He’s by far the best thing to ever happen to our little family.  Wes and I probably say 15 times a day how good he is….and how pretty he is….and how we love him more than anything ever.  I keep telling Wes that, if a little puppy-fluff made us total pushovers, we’re going to have serious problems if we ever have human babies.

In the past few months, Wyatt has learned lots of manners {he doesn’t jump on people at all anymore and he doesn't beg while you eat}.  He’s learned to stay out of his kennel all day without eating most of the walls in our condo.  He’s turned snugglier than ever and has grown a thousand times more attached to Wes.  He’s learned a whole bunch of commands and how to hunt dove.  He’s pretty much the smartest dog in the world and certainly the prettiest {I might be biased}.

We just love him so incredibly much and he's changed our little family for the better.

So here are a few new pictures of my sweet boo.  Enjoy!

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