Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Personal: Vacation Recap

A few weeks ago, my little family took a much needed mini vacation.  The original plan was to head down to Buxton in the Outer Banks for a couple days.  Sadly, good old Mother Nature had other plans for us and threw a major storm in the mix that caused us to change our plans and head north instead.

We headed up to Pocahontas State Park outside of Richmond and rented the cutest little cabin that was absolutely perfect for the two of us and Wyatt.  We hiked a whole bunch, took Wyatt for some swims, and even took naps.  We enjoyed having no schedule whatsoever and just relaxed and enjoyed each others company.  It was glorious to have no distractions and to just feel unplugged for a few days.  We pretty much decided this trip will be a yearly thing.  A couple days away in the spring to recharge before the busy season for the both of us.

To anyone looking for a quick trip in Virginia, I would highly recommend Pocahontas State Park.  It's clean, beautiful, and just far enough away.

I'm so grateful we were able to take this trip and I think it's going to help this crazy summer be a little more bearable.  :)  Can't wait for next year!

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