Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bridal Party: Dos & Don'ts

You've been asked to play a part in your friend's wedding.  YAY!  You know all the "duties" you'll be taking on...holding the rings for the groom, carrying the bride's dress, whatever.  But here are two things that I find to be most important for an attendant to remember...stuff that isn't usually on the list of bridal parties responsibilities.

Do - 
Do be on time!  Make sure to be dressed & ready when you're supposed to.  Be prepared and have all your accessories and parts of your "outfit" with you.  A groomsman without a tie or a bridesmaid without her shoes definitely won't look great in the pictures.

Don't - 
Don't get crazy drunk at the reception.  By all means, have a great time, party with the bride and groom, and take advantage of the open bar!  But don't wind up being so unstable that you have to leave the party early or end up making a scene.  Your friend's wedding is NOT a frat party.

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