Friday, August 15, 2014

Be a Nice Bride: Be Good to Your Vendors

As a bride, you're going to be working very closely with some of the best vendors in the industry.  They're going to have a hand in your wedding day and you are hiring them to help make it one of the greatest days of your life.  These vendors are going to be incredibly important to you, your fianc√©, and your big day.  You should make sure to treat them accordingly.

One of the most difficult aspects of planning your wedding is going to be choosing your vendors.  The wedding industry is HUGE.  It's going to take you and your wedding planner time to find the baker that will create the wedding cake of your dreams.  It'll take time to find the photographer that'll capture the moments of your day in a way that will make you tear up every time you see the images.  It'll take time to find a band that'll perfectly play your first dance.

And every time you choose a professional to be one of your wedding vendors, as soon as you sign that contract, you've put your faith in that vendor to make your wedding everything you've dreamed of it being.  It's important that you know how honored those vendors are to know you're trusting them with such a special day.  They know that you didn't have to choose them and they couldn't be happier that you did.

As the bride, you should do whatever you can to make sure your vendors know how important they are to you.  Here's a few tips to do so.

- Do not treat them like the hired help, they're people too.  They have friends and families, they also go to weddings as guests.  Do not treat them like their sole purpose on earth is to serve you.  Be respectful.

- Their time is valuable.  Never EVER take it for granted.  If you have a meeting scheduled, show up on time.  It sounds simple, but punctuality goes a long way.

- Feed your vendors at your wedding.  They are putting in a very, very long day to make sure that all your dreams come true.  Make sure to give them fuel to do the best work they can do.

- Remember that each one of your vendors WANTS to do an impeccable job with your event.  It speaks for their business.

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